Piet Hein Eek

If you have a soul of lumberjack or Lady Chatterley, you’ll love this cabin logs. All windows closed, it looks like a simple woodpile tidy. And yet he is hiding a real cabin designed by architect Piet Hein Eek at the request of the composer and comedian Hans Liberg.

Lasso Wardrobe - Catching the Wild Coatrack

A coat with style, designed by J. Hemann and Kai Linke

Bicycle Taxidermy by Regan Appleton

Bicycle Taxidermy? here’s a novel idea! The English artist Regan Appleton taxidermy away for use in the field of cycling and thus give a nostalgic dimension.

Konzepp Store
Discover the concept store Konzepp | Hong Kong, designed by the co-founder of 33will, Geoff Tsui. A place for creative collaborations and we love it there

Hotel Room that Offers Luxury 509 feet Below The Earth’s Surface

This Hotel which is made in a converted Silver Mine is situated 155 metres underground and is totally unique.

Baptist Debombourg - Aerial
Here is an example of the installations of Baptist Debombourg, appropriately called Aerial and created in an old monastery near Cologne in Germany.

Hafsteinn Juliusson
Juliusson Hafsteinn  offers jewellery that combine nature and fashion. Creating jewellery using vegetation as an ornament. What a great concept!

Seyhan Özdemir & Sefer Çaglar

This Coffee House, located in the Kanyon shopping center in Istanbul. With its seamless integration with the original architecture of the mall. A great achievement that is owed to Seyhan Özdemir and Sefer Çaglar.

Purple Hill House

Purple Hill House, an architecture dream of which we owe thanks to Iroje KHMArchitects.

Stunning Glass Rooftop Penthouse in London

Here is a nice little extension of the architect Richard Hywel Evans’s Studio. An incredible penthouse located in Notting Hill.

Wardell-Sagan apartment

This modern apartment has integrated the modern shipping containers as part of its architectural features.

Dovecote Studio

In England, in an industrial wasteland of Suffolk, the architectural firm HaworthTompkins has performed this studio on a music Campus. This Steel construction rusty-looking, slipped into an existing ruin.

The Floating Cinema

A unique Cinema on the rocky coast of Yao Noi in Thailand. The Archipelago Cinema is a major event organized by Film on the Rocks Yao Noi.

An unusual location. The Radisson Blu Hotel, with a breathtaking aquarium in the heart of Berlin.